Rotary Oven

The Rotary Oven is the ideal and most suitable choice for baking various western bread products, desserts, pastries, and hamburger bread. This oven is widely popular among small and medium bakeries and is best suited for baking a variety of varieties. It has an elaborate air and heat distribution system for baking dough. This oven bakes on gas / diesel as required. Equipped with a cart rotation system, it is suitable for baking bread in a professional way to ensure even heat distribution on the bread.
• It bakes all kinds of pastries, Arabic sweets, cakes and all kinds of pastries.
• The combustion chamber is made of high chromium material.
• The door is designed in a way to ensure that heat does not leak outside, which saves energy
• The fuel used in the furnace, diesel or gas, as required.
• The oven is equipped with an electrical panel, through which the required temperature, baking time, and required steam time can be controlled with the hood running automatically.
• Stainless steel inside and out.
• We offer you a one-year warranty from the date of installation
for all electrical and mechanical parts of the oven.

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